Occulus training programs are designed keeping in view holistic development of organization. We believe along with the organizational skills, abilities, knowledge, it is essential to develop personal & social skills of employees.

Our team with specialized knowledge is capable of delivering programs that improve the performance of the organization by enabling measurable changes in knowledge, skills, attitude and social behavior of employees. Our programs are comprehensive, systematic and continuous is linked to the strategy. Occulus training program act as catalyst between strategy and systems, between customers and the organization.

Training Programs:

Leadership skills:

  • Building effective teams.
  • Coaching for results.
  • Managing everyday performance.
  • Managing business change.
  • Employee appraisal and development.

Employee Development:

  • Managing challenging situations.
  • Personal Branding.
  • Motivating.
  • Rewarding.
  • Coaching.

Stress Management:

  • Working and surviving under pressure.
  • Lessen opportunity for decreases in productivity.
  • Reduce possibilities of workplace conflicts.
  • Ensure Smooth running projects.
  • Decreases chances of unethical issues.

Team Building:

  • Improving Morale.
  • Fostering Communication.
  • Reinforcing Company Values.
  • Improve Efficiency.

Talent Management:

    • Develop high potential individuals
    • Enable the achievement of strategic goal
    • Meet future skill & requirements
    • Retain key staff

Communication Skills:

  • Delivering winning presentations.
  • Speaking to groups.
  • Listening, questioning and giving feedback.
  • Writing in modern business English.

Customer Service skills:

    • Caring for customers at the front line.
    • Managing customer service.

Ethics for Everyone:

  • Stimulating the moral imagination.
  • Recognizing ethical issues.
  • Eliciting a sense of moral obligation.
  • Developing analytical skills.
  • Tolerating and reducing-disagreement and ambiguity.

Culture Building:

  • Influence future strategy
  • Determine core values of companies
  • Create a shared vision
  • Assess the existing culture & determine what elements of culture need to change.

Time management:

  • Prioritize Effectively with Multitasks.
  • Manage and Control Crisis.
  • Values Clarification with Superiors and Subordinates.
  • Increase Productivity.
  • Reduce your Stress Levels.
  • Balance Work and Personal Priorities.


Leadership skills
Communication Skills
Employee Development
Customer Service skills
Stress Management
Ethics for Everyone
Team Building
Culture Building
Talent Management
Time management