Elan....For Self Assured Women 

Training Program for Working Women  


  • —To create a supplemental support structure, a family beyond family for and of working women, at the workplace and beyond, to enrich, empower and make enjoyable the journey of life

  • —To create & increase awareness of feminine leadership traits & unique talent areas thru workshops, trainings, retreats etc. that fosters success & achievements in women’s lives, professional & personal

  • —Extend support for women to live a life of their choice, while playing and enjoying multiple roles


  • ——To create and foster the largest network that connects and brings women together to support each other

  • —To train 15000 women by end of 2016

"We strongly believe that women are driving force in the universe. So when a women is happy, the family is happy and when the family is happy, the nation is happy and when nation is happy the universe is happy"


Our programs have been devised exclusive for self assured, confident women who are already leading a life of their choice. 

elan .... For self assured 

What is elan ? 

elan - Self Assured - Talented, successful home makers, careerists who have achieved success, financial independence etc. yet aspire to reach greater heights. 

elan - Aspirants - Young women, students, professionals looking for a launch pad, for guidance to take off in their life 

We believe lasting is possible only when it begins from within and manifests externally. This philosophy guides and governs our program structuring and training methodology. 

Our program includes 
  • How to wonderfully manage the balancing act of multiple roles. 
  • How to be a force to achieve your future dreams. 
  • How to focus on Me time 
  • How to unleash potential as a women to take on professional & personal challenges. 
  • How to take a break in day to day life & enjoy more. 
  • How to disrupt the perceived image & create new of you. 

U & Me.... Connecting together 

U & Me...We are two sides of a coin...connected, yet integral part of this universe. 

I feel your emotions...Your happiness, Joy, anger and your pain... cause I am connected to U. We are the same...following different paths, ways, sometimes crossing each other, sometimes facing each other....Let's today promise ourselves, to be there for each other, stand up for each other, through times, good or bad. We shall be Strong, Understanding, Tolerant, and Supportive for each other...Lets reach out and hold hands, be connected, for its always U & Me... 

Snapshot of our awareness workshops

We focus on the following 5 critical aspects that are applicable to all
  • Emotional Strength
  • Inner time & space
  • Feminine side of talent & potential
  • Role Balancing
  • Interpersonal Skills
Women possess key Leadership traits, which we help identify
  • Honesty & Openness
  • Adaptability & willingness to learn
  • Nurturing & relationship building
  • Cooperation & Collaboration
  • Empathy & compassion