HR Consulting & Outsourcing for you...

HR Consulting

  • Design a strategy that links business goals to people and vice-versa
  • Identify and onboard quality talent with the an adept workforce management startegy
  • Induct, motivate and evaluate the talent pool by having a focussed performance management program, employee engagement programs and establishing a performance driven organisation
  • Increase organizational productivity by empowering employees through sustained training, coaching and assessment.
  • Support organisation’s advancement and employee’s future by defining a career path & succession plan
  • Define & drive organisational culture, values, policies and code of conduct thru a ‘Center of Excellence’
  • Create a Unifying chord that connects employees across locations to draw synergies and augment efficacies across the spectrum that is the organization. Establish a Shared Services model
  • All the above are aimed at enabling the organization achieve its goals & objectives by leveraging its people strength and making them the catalyzers that achieve, deliver success.
HR Outsourcing

Outsourcing allows an organization to sharpen its focus on its core areas of business delivery by getting non-core areas to be managed by domain experts. Advantages of outsourcing your HR are manifold; some of them are:

  • Increasing organizational productivity & efficacy
  • Cost optimization
  • Capitalizing on technological advances/expertise
  • Increasing customer focus & delight
  • Redirecting HR focus toward strategic planning & management
  • Increased focus on core business
  • Provision of "seamless" delivery of services

Business Transformation and Business Change

Business or functional strategy development Organisation Design and Development Restructuring Outsourcing or Offshoring Divestments and Closures

Our approach to Restructuring, Outsourcing, Divestments and Closures includes working with executives and where appropriate, their leadership teams, on programme needs identification, programme design, communication, implementation. Implementation requires working with global and local management and HR teams to ensure a co-ordinated and high quality change process. Occulus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. have developed excellent processes and have well-tested guidelines, checklists, communication packs and workshop outlines as well as a range of programme management and co-ordination approaches. We are also able to support organisations with the development of their severance/social plans.

Start ups are perhaps one of the most fun things an organisation can do. It is a great opportunity to set things up from scratch and to learn from past experience and ‘get it all right’. Undertaking a successful start up does however require strong planning and taking a long term view as well as the necessary short term one. Managing the relationship with the parent organisation is also key and the strategy for the nature of this relationship needs to be established at the outset and then carefully maintained. Different options suit different circumstances, thus it is essential that a clear vision and goals for the start up are established and well supported from the outset. Occulus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. can support organisations in thinking this through, in addition to the more practical support concerning the HR aspects of the start up (recruitment, employment terms and conditions, aligned reward management, performance management etc).

Joint Ventures may not require significant new HR infrastructure but can benefit from a review of current leadership and HR practice to ensure that recognition and reward is appropriately focused. Leadership and working styles frequently vary in a Joint Venture and this is an area that can benefit from some focus, particularly at the point of setting up a Joint Venture. Ensuring that any such intervention feels balanced is also a key consideration; the appointment of an external consultant can help this as well.

Talent Management, Performance Management and Executive Coaching

In conjunction with our support of organisation change programmes Occulus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. offers a full range of support to the development of organisation and individual capability. Our consulting approach supports leaders in focusing on both current and future individual capabilities and organisation needs.

Capability Development Leadership Team Facilitation and Development. In-company training courses and workshops.. Executive Coaching and Development are working. Recruitment and recruitment effectiveness Assessment and Development Centres Talent management Succession Management Performance Management Project and Matrix Management

Occulus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has specialist expertise in the design, development and implementation of Dual Career Structures which allow an organisation to motivate and reward excellent sole contributors.

Change Leadership, Business and Culture Change, Leadership Development

Change is an unavoidable element of all of our lives, and the ability to seize the opportunities it provides underpins the success of all organisations. It is not enough for employees to simply survive change; people need to flourish in an ever changing environment if they are to realise their potential and thus contribute to organisation success: this requires courageous leadership. This Leadership must be underpinned by good strategies, techniques and approaches: Occulus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. offers change consulting which supports leaders, management and employees in embracing change and with providing the leadership to bring about and more importantly sustain essential change. We offer a systematic approach which releases creativity and individual potential thus allowing individuals and the organisations they comprise to strive for and achieve ever more ambitious goals.

Change is a function of:

  • dissatisfaction with the present
  • a shared vision of the future
  • some first practical steps

Each of these elements is key and needs to be fully leveraged to bring about change. Change leadership is about tirelessly working on each of these elements. Change leadership is also about ensuring all the people in the organisation understand change and its personal and organisational impact; and have the capabilities and confidence to flourish in the necessarily changing environment of our business today.

HR Transformation, HR Consulting and Business Transformation

Occulus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is founded on a clear belief that great firms need great people and great leadership. Both must be supported by proactive, supportive and challenging human resources leadership plus aligned human resources policies and infrastructure. Indeed we believe that it is these things that make the difference between an organisation being simply successful and truly excellent.

Thus one of our key consultancy services is to work with human resources functions to position them to best support the ongoing growth and development needs of their organisation, its leaders and all the people.

We believe passionately in first class human resources. When working with HR functions, a key focus is first to instil the confidence and belief that this is possible. We also offer a range of tools and techniques to enable an HR function to fulfil its potential and thus make a significant contribution to the success of the organisation.

Our consulting approach is developed in conjunction with the client but in general, working with an HR function in a large organisation, will include some or all of the following:

  • Establishment of a Human Resources Strategy and People Agenda for the organisation. A key element is to ensure a good understanding of the organisation itself: its strategy, its short and long term plans and the people implications of those plans
  • Enabling an organisation and its HR function to determine which services are essential and the best way to provide them. This is more than the in-house, out-house debate (which is, of course, necessary and will have different outcomes dependent on circumstances) but also about identifying those critical success factors that will underpin business success in the longer term
  • Looking at how to best focus resources and streamline operations
  • Ensuring policies and procedures are fit for purpose and aligned to the business
  • Team building, partnering and stakeholder management
  • Skills identification and development
  • Communication, branding and marketing
  • Optimising the use of e-enablement to streamline global HR processes and increase both effectiveness and productivity.

We are also able to support small firms in determining their human resources requirements and assisting them in determining the best way to meet the needs, be this though the set up of a human resources department or though a combination of outsourcing and consulting support.

HR Interim Management, HR services and HR Project Leadership

Interim management and project leadership When facing significant change or taking on a new challenge organisations frequently find themselves short handed for a period of time. Alternatively, they may not have the breadth and depth of experience to cover the specific challenge being faced. Interim management can fill this gap and at the same time, if appropriate, support the organisation in acquiring or developing the necessary new skills.

Another type of interim management is gap management whereby the interim covers a role that is temporarily vacant due to the incumbent having moved on to another role (inside or outside the organisation); or having been temporarily assigned to a different project; or due to absence such as maternity leave, sabbatical or extended sickness absence. There is a difference between hiring a consultant and an interim. An interim manager is part of the organisation, albeit for a predetermined and limited period, reporting to the organisation and making decisions for the organisation, as indeed any senior manager in an organisation would. Their focus is on doing work; work which cannot otherwise be done due to a shortage of in-house resource or expertise.

When considering taking on an interim manager the key considerations should be: whether the person will be able to get up to speed quickly enough; how the interim manager will fit in; and what happens after they go.

Occulus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. will only consider an interim management position if we believe our proposed interim manager has sufficient experience, breadth and personal skills to address the above key considerations. In addition when taking on an interim position we are committed to excellent handover at the end of the assignment. The ability to exit the organisation at the agreed time in a smooth and seamless way is one of our key measures of success. HR Reviews and diagnostics

At Occulus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. we are committed to the development and success of the HR function itself and assuring the contribution of HR to the success of the business. We recognise that a busy HR function and leadership team does not always have the time to take stock, identify areas of best practice, opportunities for improvement and areas of potential risk. In addition these activities frequently benefit from an external look.

To this end, we offer a choice of HR reviews. These can focus on an individual area or more broadly covering a number of areas. Some of the specific areas we focus on include:

  • Talent management and succession planning
  • Training and Development
  • Recruitment and recruitment effectiveness
  • Engagement and Retention
  • Performance
  • HR function alignment, business connection
We take a 360º look at the area which can include input from HR leadership, HR function staff, senior management and a cross section of managers and employees, as well as looking at processes, policies and procedures. We look at both the formal and informal and identify quick, simple improvements and longer term opportunities. Our findings are shared at a feedback meeting and also written up in a report.


Mergers & Acquisitions, HR M&A Consulting and HR Due Diligence

Occulus Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is able to support the full range of M&A activities

  • Due Diligence
  • M&A integration planning
  • M&A integration
  • Post M&A learning

We are capable of delivering following

Business transformation, strategy development, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring: delivering organisation and people elements
Capability development: global programmes, leadership team development, talent management, assessment and development, reward and recognition, recruitment, executive coaching
Change leadership: stimulating and sustaining business and individual transformation and growth
HR transformation: reviewing, aligning and revitalising your HR organisation
Interim human resources management and project leadership